How to Improve Communication Skills?

We understand that our program is not financially feasible for many people, and there are many people who are unable to enrol with us. This article presents some alternative options for you!

However, before mentioning the options, please keep in mind that just because something is cheaper or more expensive does NOT mean it’s good or bad. For example, “The Personality School” or “Indo-American Society” offer courses on public speaking in Mumbai which aren’t expensive, but they also don’t get results!

Here are 3 options worth considering:

1. Drama School Mumbai.
Charni Road; offers 3 day workshops every now and then. Rs.7000.

Yes, it may not sound like a lot of speaking and working on your communication skills, but there is a huge overlap in public speaking and theatre. Your body language, verbal power, and presentation style in front of the audience will get a solid boost if you practice theatre. Secondly, it’ll be the best thing to do if you have any issues with confidence or stage fright.

2. Toastmasters
Several locations in the city, every Sunday morning, Rs.3,000 for several months.

This is a very inexpensive forum for speaking in front of a crowd. However, it is going to take you a long time because there are too many people and you don’t get an opportunity to speak every time. In fact, you only get an opportunity once in 4-5 visits! So the rest of the time you have to just listen to the others. When you do get an opportunity, it’s just 2-3 minutes of speaking. Secondly, there aren’t any experts who are giving you feedback or special attention or revisions. It’s just the other speakers and peers who are evaluating you and offering suggestions. But if you want to learn public speaking in Mumbai, there aren’t many cheap options available where you get a forum to speak in front of many people, so this might be worth a try.

3. Teaching at NGOs.

You can easily find an NGO (in the Education field) near you who would be happy to have volunteers come in and teach students. Just start teaching whatever you like or whatever you are qualified to teach. Not only is this free, but you’ll feel great while you learn, get confident about addressing a crowd, and also add value to the community!


Of course, these are only suggestions that may appeal to those who are desperately looking for classes on public speaking in Mumbai, and who are on a tight budget as well. Therefore, it may or may not be ideal, depending on your taste. If speaking in front of people is something that you think will enhance your career and job opportunities to a great extent, it is advisable to think of it like a medical operation and spend all the money that you can. Otherwise, you can go with one of the other options above.

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