What are Soft Skills?

What are Soft Skills? Soft Skills are combinations of varieties of skills and attitudes like peoples skill, social skill, attitude and personality traits, Communication skills, Emotional intelligence, etc., which are essential in a person’s career enabling them to work effectively and enhancing their working mood with complementing hard skills. The Collins English Dictionary defines the term “soft skills” as “desirable qualities […]

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3 Body Language Tips to Improve your Public Speaking

Body language plays the biggest role in the way we see and judge each other and impacts things like hiring and promotion. It even intimidates us or disarms us. For example, body language communicates dominance. When showing power, we tend to stand taller, have a posture that’s straighter, and keep our shoulders back. On the […]

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How to Improve Communication Skills?

We understand that our program is not financially feasible for many people, and there are many people who are unable to enrol with us. This article presents some alternative options for you! However, before mentioning the options, please keep in mind that just because something is cheaper or more expensive does NOT mean it’s good […]

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TedX- public speaking course

Fear of Public Speaking

Conquer the Fear of Public Speaking Animesh Gupta presented a 19-minute talk on how to conquer the fear of public speaking. Here’s a quick summary and highlight of the main points. 1. Self-Talk: The Essence of Conquering the Fear of Public Speaking You must understand how to communicate with yourself! Animesh demonstrates this by enacting […]

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Advanced Guide To Mastering Interviews

WINNING BODY LANGUAGE Think of the times when you are coerced into going to a social function or a birthday that you don’t want to go to. You travel to the place whining about why you have to go and wondering how to manage the impending boredom. But when you reach there, your complaints magically […]

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Making Strong Points In Group Discussions

You would be selected based on at least one (not necessarily both) of the following two: 01. Content: Knowledge, critical-thinking, creativity, reasoning, logic, and argumentative skills. 02. Behaviour/Personality: Confidence, soft skills, communication-skills, leadership, and assertiveness. GD is a method of screening candidates for a job by testing their KNOWLEDGE, CON BASIC IDEA Around 8-14 people […]

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